Serving within the Church

Service to others is at the heart of what it means to belong to Community Church.  Check the list below to discover just where you can make an impact in service.

  • Production Team

    • Coordinate with the Worship Team Lead and Production Team Lead on service needs each week
    • Support Thursday night worship team rehearsals
    • Operate projector, lighting and the sound board during the service
    • Anticipate needs and troubleshoot technical issues
    • Assist periodically as available for special events at the church

    If interested, contact Dave Jezeski at or 920-559-0343.  

    Training will be provided!

  • Cleaning Team

    • Provide a safe, clean environment in our church building
    • Meet at church Saturday mornings (usually from 8:00 am – 9:30 am)
    • Vacuum, dust, clean windows, empty trash, clean bathrooms, kitchen, offices
    • Report to Buildings & Grounds Lead any missing supplies or needed repairs
    • Pray for the adults and children who will be in our building

    If interested, contact Marietta Sherman at

  • Worship

    • Sing and / or play an instrument to lead worship during Sunday morning services
    • Practice and prepare your part in advance of weekly rehearsal
    • Rehearse with the team on Thursday evenings at 6:30 pm and again Sunday mornings at 7:00 am
    • Pray before the service for the lead pastor, worship team, tech team and the congregation

    If interested, contact Charlie Flack at

  • Greeters   

    • Greet each attendee at the door with a warm and welcoming smile!
    • Commit to a once-per-month greeting schedule; coordinate a “sub” when you are unavailable (this is very easy to do – our team is flexible!)
    • Hand out bulletins and encourage newcomers to complete a Connections Card
    • Help latecomers find a seat in the sanctuary as needed
    • Direct new families with kids to the KidZone check-in downstairs
    • Pass offering bags during the service; pass communion elements once per month

    If interested, contact Brittany Coyne at

  • Buildings & Grounds

    • Helping make sure that our church grounds and building are safe, operational and welcoming
    • Assisting as needed with general repairs and maintenance of the church building and systems
    • Mowing the lawn during the growing season
    • Performing spring clean-up of the church grounds
    • Helping with landscaping projects such as weeding, bush and tree trimming and planting

    If interested, contact Jaime Dion at

  • Children's Ministry (KIDZONE)

    There are several opportunities to serve in our Children's Ministry. 
    • Referee (Security, Check-in/Out process, Greeting)
    • Coach (Lead classroom craft, snack, activity)
    • Head Coach (Lead large group teaching)
    • Trainer (Youth ages 12-18) who assist in class
    If interested, contact Mike O'Dean at