Why do we have events at Community Church?

To bring glory to God by advancing the Gospel in our community through the events offered at Community Church.

To create opportunities for Community Church to Connect, Belong, and Serve through their involvement in the events offered.

We do this by having the following...

  • Easter at community

    He is Risen indeed! We love to celebrate Easter at Community Church and want everyone to be part of the celebration! 

  • baptism celebration

    The Annual Baptism Celebration is something we are known for at Community Church. Each year we baptize disciples of Jesus who want to publicly profess their faith in Jesus Christ. During this celebration we worship, fellowship, eat lots of good food and have a lot of fun! This event is held at Sunset Park on Labor Day Weekend. 

    If you want to be baptized at this event or anytime throughout the year, email office@mysbc.church! 


    We take Christmas seriously here, because we love to celebrate the birth of our Savior! Christmas brings plenty of opportunities to serve our community, grow in your faith and have fun with the church family!