Inspire People to Encounter God

The worship experience at Sturgeon Bay Community Church is a little different from just about any place you've been before. We enjoy our unique approach to the weekly worship service and bet you will too. The message and focus of worship is unapologetically Christian.


We start with worship songs to create a mood of celebration and worship. For the next 30 minutes or so, you will be refreshed with a blend of Christian contemporary, folk, hymns and traditional worship songs. Sing, pray and enjoy the atmosphere as we get our attention turned to our Jesus!


Directly following announcements, the children are dismissed to KIDZONE; Pre-K through 5th grade downstairs. SBCC is unique in that we take a 10-15 minute break for fellowship and coffee before the sermon begins.


Why the break?


We believe that our children should be a part of the worship experience. Simply put, we want to model worship for tomorrow's leaders. Not only does the break give our Sunday school leaders the chance to worship with the church body, it provides unhurried time for the parents to get their little ones checked in downstairs. The break also allows unhurried time to meet and greet newcomers as well as fellowship with friends.


The next 45 minutes will be our pastor's teaching time, as he carefully and rightly teaches the Word of Truth. A Biblically conservative and scholarly approach to the Scripture will be brought in a conversational, relational manner. People of every age and stage of their Christian walk will find themselves engaged. We encourage everyone to bring their Bible and their "nugget book" to take notes.


Our aim is to close the service by 11:30 and then spend Sunday with family and friends. This is a COMMUNITY church after all.



Contact Us


If you have any questions or are interested in serving on the worship team, Contact Charlie Flack here

Worship in Community

Worship at Community Church is always rich and varied, built upon our relationships with one another and the amazing God who created us.  Whether enjoying a cup of great coffee, praying together, or celebrating special seasons, you will find worshiping in community is one of the best parts of worship at Community.