Advent (from the Latin adventus, meaning "coming") begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas Day, and is often considered a season of anticipation and hope. For many Christians it is not just about waiting for a Savior to be born, but also looking to a time when the Christ will come again, in power and with authority. The traditional emphases for this season are on both the First and Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and our accountability for faithfulness.

Each devotion will feature a Bible passage about a person or persons from the Biblical Era (including one from the Apocrypha). There will also be a theme/introduction to each week that helps set the tone for each of the 4 weeks which is not directly tied to individuals.

The Offices of Christ tell us how Jesus served as the ultimate Judge, Priest, Prophet and King, and how those roles were filled less-than-perfectly by Hebrew and Gentile alike in the time before His incarnation – giving the world glimpses of the Messiah who was to come.

We encourage you to read (from your own Bible) the Scripture passage that accompanies each daily study. Then, dive into the devotion itself. Using the booklet is handy in this way, but if you’d like to comment or dialogue with others about the material, you may wish to follow up with the online version.

Each author recognizes that the ministry leaders sharing space in this booklet may not share the same theology or doctrine on certain issues. If you have any questions, it would be appropriate for you to ask your pastor.

May these Scripture texts and devotions lead you into a deeper understanding of God’s work through the ages, and strengthen the relationship with your Savior and Brother, Jesus Christ.

Love, Your Pastors

[Devotional Posts Begin Sunday, November 28, 2021]